Our Story

"Building hubs and enterprises is a long journey powered by ecosystems. Every stage of this journey could be exciting! All through the journey, it is the process of customized value creation that matters." – SharePract Team.

Knowledge and business grow in the effusive vibrancy of our ecosystem. Some are endowed with high quality ecosystem, while others desperately seek for one to derive greater heights of excellence. This need was increasingly felt and researched by the founding members of SharePract while interacting with hubs (business + collaboration networks) and enterprises (large, medium and high growth) across the globe for a period covering more than 10 years.

From global survey enthusiasts like startup genome to governments, large corporations, businesses and knowledge networks – all are now focusing on ecosystem development and intensely mapping its dynamics to make this world a better place. The flurry of activities are evident even in the more challenged ecosystems of north and east Africa, south-east Asia, east Europe and Latin America. Ecosystem is the buzzword for governments, businesses and academia. Whereas, in North America, West Europe and some of the rapidly emerging regions like China and India, sharing best and next practices along with flow of resources and connectivity among stakeholders across ecosystems continue as dominant trend.

SharePract champions have nurtured, advised and got deeply engaged with ecosystems in multiple geographies. And, it is their collective vision and energy that constitute the offerings of SharePract for sharing best and next practices by astutely managing ecosystem with the right mix of resources and stakeholders – both online and offline.