Privacy Policy

Research conducted by Aleecia McDonald and Lorrie Faith Cranor at Carnegie Melon University suggests that an average Internet user takes 76 normal (8-hour) working days, or almost 4 working months to read all of the privacy policies agreed to in the course of online activities. If you are not a privacy lawyer being paid for doing this kind of work, it is safe bet to conclude that you couldn't find time to extensively read the policies you had agreed to.

Every stage of entrepreneurial journey could be exciting! From startups to those that are set to acquire fast track growth or even those looking for a turnaround after a period of stagnation. All through the journey, it is the process of customized value creation that matters. We strive to work closely with our users to co-create value through sharing, connecting, smart tools, learning kit, service providers and hot deals. Over time, companies get to track their journey.

Our unique company centric platform, we believe, should encourage matured discussions and exchanges in our quest to build trust and engaging relationship among Community Members.


Here, we provide Sharepract Privacy Policy Highlights. Read our Complete Privacy Policyfor details.

Please note that as Sharepract evolves, its Privacy Policy gets updated from time to time. So, keep track of these changes as we try to offer the best possible solution keeping in mind the dynamics of our platform and information management needs. This policy is based on current and future analytics as well as data capture processes and is in line with our commitment towards transparency, disclosure and safeguard to the best of our ability.

Use of Personal Information Collected

To run our offerings smoothly and serve you better, we start capturing information:

  • When you register an account to become Sharepract user ("User"), such as your name, e-mail, password, company, website asked for in the sign up section.
  • The process continues when individual and company profiles are completed and updated. Sharing is yet another form of data capture and safe archiving for future use and reference to run our technology platform effectively.
  • Thereafter, when you view and interact with Sharepract pages, features, and functionality, including Sharepract mobile applications (in future), software (like adding to your favorites, creating groups, uploading content, etc.), and other technology app in our platform, buttons or third party applications.
  • We also collect IP address, browser type, operating system and mobile carrier (when mobility use is extensive). Additionally, information of your ISP, URLs of sites from which you arrive or leave Sharepract website, or sites that have embedded Sharepract platform technology.
  • Cookies and other technologies allow us to recognize users and customize their experience to serve trustworthy stakeholders within and outside Sharepract community.
  • You also share data when you interact with third party services available through Sharepract like analytics, apps, plug ins, surveys/polls/third party research conducted with your knowledge.

1. How Sharepract Uses your Company & Personal Information

We use your information to:

  • Enable you to share your information and communicate with other Users, or provide your personal details to third parties offering collaborative services to us;
  • Administer your account with us and customize the service we provide to you and other Users; and to send communication on service or promotion through email and notices in our website.
  • Allow you to control your sharing/messaging preferences and other online activities.
  • Connect you to opportunities by enabling other companies to find you on Sharepract.
  • Create and distribute content (and possible advertisements in future relevant to your or your network's Sharepract experience). If you share your interactions with us, we may use these actions to create social ads for your network at some stage. You may control this and it depends how you want to leverage Sharepract to improve visibility and outreach to grow your business.

We do not sell, rent, or otherwise provide personally identifiable information to third parties without your consent except where it is necessary to carry out your instructions (to process your payment information, when we start off with ecommerce). As we evolve, we will do our best to provide more flexibility in controlling your information and explore options going by prevailing and acceptable industry standards on such privacy issues. As we move to paid services for Premium Members, we share your payment information with our payment processor as you usually do in case of online transactions.

2. Information Management Flexibilities

You can:

  • Review, enhance or edit personal information through company and individual profile page.
  • Control what information you make available to search engines through your profile (we will do more work on this in alpha and beta stages till we go public)
  • Control whether your profile information is shared with third parties through Developer Applications installed by your connections, when such possibilities arise;
  • Control the messages you receive from Sharepract and Users (again we will research more on this during alpha and beta phases).
  • Change your settings to control visibility and accessibility through our website (another feature that will undergo further revamping);
  • At a later stage (when applicable), control whether Sharepract personalizes its professional plugins across the web using your Sharepract account.
  • Also at a later stage, control whether Sharepract uses your name and profile photo and relevant information in social ads and
  • Tell us to close your Sharepract account.

3. Your Obligations to Other Users

Do not abuse the Sharepract service by using it to spam, misuse, harass, or otherwise violate the User Agreement (or Terms and Conditions) and Privacy Policy.

4. Security Issues

  • Personal information provided to remain secured in accordance with industry standards and technology.
  • Since the internet is not a 100% secure environment, we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit to Sharepract. There is no guarantee that information may not be accessed, copied, disclosed, altered, or destroyed by breach of any of our physical, technical, or managerial safeguards despite our best efforts.
  • You are responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your unique password and account information and for controlling access to your email communications at all times.

5. Future Outlook

With Community building and network expansion, we shall work with third parties for privacy endorsements and this would include standard international bodies.