SharePract’s custom-built private ecosystem is offered as SmartGroup (SG) to both Hubs (collaboration and business networks) and Enterprises (large, medium and high growth). Getting started is easy. So go ahead and create your own SG and support your ecosystem by picking the right customization and engagement level.


Our offerings from entry-level price package to any other package linked with preferred level of customization as well as engagement. Evolve the way you wish. So, decide on your own SmartGroup and pick the package you prefer to pay as you go. Contact for final pricing and championing your ecosystem as soon as you are ready for a trial run.

*SG50 Ecosystem *SG200 Ecosystem *SG500 Ecosystem *SGMax Ecosystem
# Of Companies 50 200 500 No Limit
# Of Stakeholders 300 1500 5000 No Limit
# Of Content 2000 1500 50000 No Limit
# Of Hot Deals 25 150 500 No Limit
Price (USD) Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us
* SG = SmartGroup.
  1. Packages are based on Customization and Engagement Level with Annual Subscription for Hubs and Enterprises.
  2. Discounts up to 20% for 2-3 years subscriptions.
  3. Bundled pricing for even longer term and extensive customization.
  4. Package Includes maintenance, storage and security with initial consultation on customization prospects and onboarding
  5. Set up time for SmartGroups: < 3 working days without major customization..
  6. Special rates for non-profits and hubs in challenged ecosystems through sponsorship arrangement (Contact for details).
For self-driven free demo and playing around , sign up at our Global site