Why ecosystem ?

The Problem

Grappling with the challenges of multitasking that range from finding business partners, service providers, vendors, keeping abreast with latest best and next practices, knowledge sharing, raising money - consumes a lot of resources and bandwidth. This often derails hubs and enterprises from core business focus, leading to loss of profitable opportunity and money. These needs were found to be diverse, varying across hubs and enterprises calling for customized private platforms for managing ecosystems and collaboration networks.

A survey by Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council, eVoice, Insignia Research and ADP suggested that given limited time and crazy multitasking needs, 75% of small biz owners in US believe 1 hour loss is worth $ 100 while 25% put it as much as $ 500. The story is no different in other parts of the globe and concerns both advanced as well as emerging economies. This was also validated by the findings of SharePract’s online and offline survey of Emerging Companies (startups + small businesses) and hubs confirming huge loss of time and money.

The Solution

We offer our proprietary product SmartGroup - shared private Platform with your own branding……… build your community and resources on the go……. SmartGroup offers wide-ranging features to choose from and grants admin rights to the user to customize activity levels and suggest need-based menu tabs. We tried to customize these offering in our company and individual centric SaaS platform in cloud. We researched the dynamics of entrepreneurial ecosystem and tried to recreate that leveraging social and enterprise application tools.